Cozy Cloud provides several applications to maximize use of your cloud. Cozy apps are personal; they run in your cozy and serve only you. Because anyone can build his/her own application and distribute it; this list will keep growing over time. We hope to find yours here very soon.



Official Cozy Cloud Application

Agenda is meant to be integrated with the other applications to make it very easy for you to manage. You can also create tasks and reminders from this app and consult it either in a calendar or list view.


Official Cozy Cloud Application

Contact is your central contact repository. It is meant to integrate with the other applications so you can share content or tag easily friends to pictures, notes or task.


Official Cozy Cloud Application

Home is the gate to your Cozy Cloud. It's the app that manages all others: install, remove and update your Cozy apps in a click. Home also delivers your apps notifications and let you change your account information.


Official Cozy Cloud Application

Notes is a simple yet powerful note manager. You can efficiently structure your notes by easily toggling between titles and bullet points, formatting becomes incredibly fast. You also can search and attach files to your notes.


Official Cozy Cloud Application

Photo is a minimalist album backup and sharing application. Drag and drop pictures you want to upload in an album and chose between private, hidden and public visibility.


Official Cozy Cloud Application

Are you bored with todos applications filled with useless extra features? Do you need just the minimum to organize your daily tasks? In Cozy Todo you organize your lists, manage your tasks via your keyboard... You will be more efficient than David Allen!


Community Contribution

This first community contribution is a bookmark manager. Tag them and quickly find them again via the search engine. You will no longer forget where you put that great article and all your links will be accessible from anywhere.


Community Contribution

Cozic is a music player for your cloud: get all your mp3 files and enjoy your music everywhere!


Community Contribution

If you like to read a lot of blog or news websites, a feed reader can really make your life easier. Ever more so when it allows you to save links that interest you in your bookmark application!


Community Contribution

KYou builds analytics from your Cozy data, it provides you with the first shape of a better knowledge of yourself. Kyou aggregates data from your web applications and displays it as simple charts. With the help of these new insights, you will learn more about you and improve yourself.


Community Contribution

Nirc is a nodejs irc client that was ported to Cozy. Now you can chat on your favorite irc channel from the comfort of your Cozy, why don't you pay us a visit on #cozycloud :).


Coming soon...

Mails backup your different mailboxes in your Cozy. Currently you access a consolidated view of your different addresses that you can read and search. We plan in the future to give it the full web-mail features and integrate mails with other cozy applications.